Looking for more docs for Devs(JS)


Hey all, I’m looking for more documentation about deploying smart contracts, create&manage wallets, transactions & state channels. I found that https://dev.aepps.com, but examples are very basic.

Thank you!


Hey @lcsavov,

Thank you for your question.

You can find more documentation on our GitHub. There is detailed information about state channels, oracles, smart contracts, æternity naming system etc.

If you are interested in our Sophia smart contract language, check out this tutorial.

Have a look at our FAQ section as well.

Please let us know if you have further questions.

Best regards,
The AE Team


Thank for the fast answer!


@aeternity-team, It would be great if there are more examples https://github.com/aeternity/aepp-sdk-js/blob/develop/docs/usage.md#nodejs-bundle :slight_smile:


Hi @lcsavov, we completely agree, we’ll be adding more.