Made migration status showing 0


Made migration status showing 0, is this ok ? it needs some time to be updated ?

Checked with input data everything should be fine, just don’t see anything not in explorer not in status page


Hi @davidvastock ,

Not sure if you do the migration process exactly through
If you have finished migration process in the last phase, the tokens will be available after the next hardford(end of May).
You can easily check your mainnet address(ak_) through here: to check your status of your migration.
If anyhing unclear, it will be better if you show us more details. Thank you!




Yes I’m checking there and showing 0, I started migration yesterday

this is address ak_2vAMJRuZnf7KjP3sAH6UsaRPoN7SLiMxq316h3TiaANDEKXsYy


Hey, your balance will be updated after the hard fork is executed, so please wait until then and check again.



The check migration tool is working for my address, but your’s is showing 0. It should have updated by now but if you did everything correctly it could be a problem with the check tool, although I fear that may not be the case


Please send me your ETH address that you used for the migration.



How to send it ? I don’t see any PM option here

THis is AE address: ak_2vAMJRuZnf7KjP3sAH6UsaRPoN7SLiMxq316h3TiaANDEKXsYy


On which ETH address were your AE tokens stored before migration?


here 0xCa83b8Cd116c01208D8bb313dd8018bD0d8cb36E


You are fine.