Meetup Abuja July

It’s a wonderful meetup held with these group of young entrepreneurs, they are all interested in knowing and adopting new technology such as blockchain, so we kicked it off with the basic introduction into aeternity, then I explained state channels and smart contracts. I used the coffee shop state channels Aepp which is a functional Aepp as a case study to explain, I also talked about aeternity’s First On-Chain Governance vote. This is aimed at allowing community members to have a say in decision concerning aeternity.
One of the participants brought up a Logistics use case which he complain about the lack of communication and transparency due to the large numbers of logistics companies.
Since blockchain is safe cheap and transparent we discussed how it will enables data transparency by revealing a single source of truth and how it can track products. I also referred my participants to dacade for more knowledge about blockchain and aeternity development course.

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