Meetup Aeternity Abuja

The Aeternity meetup I had today was an interactive one, I had the privilege of talking to these student about Aeternity and the features it comes with, we started with a brief introduction into blockchain i then referred my new participants to, I explained scalability and how aeternity is solving this issue With the adoption of state channels where smart contracts can be executed, i then talk about oracles and how value document and credentials could be integrated onto the blockchain and I also mentioned how the chain is secured by Proof of Work consensus, and how it make it faster. We then came up with a uses case to tackle the problem of database management found within the healthcare sector, blockchain can serve as a secure and tamperproof database on which patient medical records can be stored.


Meetup videos

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Sounds like you had a great meetup @Nafty! Just one thing, I remember at your last meetup you said you would start working on a prototype for saving university credentials on the æternity blockchain. Can we see any progress on this now? Do you have a Github repository to share your advancements with us?

Yes Erik still working on it will soon host it on GitHub