Meetup in Jos @ Rantya


The most recent of all my meetups happened 30th November and it was massive… Words went out I was expecting about 30 people and I had 47, though 2 left before we finished the meetup. I had a whole crowd coming to hear what aeternity is all about. I am glad they didn’t go back home disappointed. These were people who have been involved in other blockchains and wanted to know what was different about aeternity. We spoke about how to mine the coin on Ubuntu, the advantages state channel has, the use of oracle on aeternity’s blockchain. We also try to look at the possibility of how those who were involved in SMEs that were present in the meetup can use the AE token in the normal day to day transactions which we are mapping the possibilities out.


Wow, impressive productivity @Steviekusu :slight_smile:

Thank you for your support!


Nice job! I see you work hard for aeternity. Congrats


Thank you @jcdelpino. Its a very unique blockchain and because it has what it takes to rule the blockchain space, I am completely sold out to such a great work.


Thank you @ae-albena