Meetup in Kigezi, uganda


We had to live stream in one of the studio in Kigezi, talked about blockchain, aeternity blockchain and a number of questions were answered.
We had a chance to invite a number of people to our meetup.
Actually it has been the best meeting with a quiet number of qualified doctors, teachers and other imports people in the government.
The use cases covered the medical sector, local markets, government, Education as at least we had some of the officials from each of the sectors I have mentioned.
I elaborated for them, giving them an example of our project as it is intended to be used by many since everyone purchases airtime, pays utility bills, travels, oftenly or even daily.
They are really interested in the aeternity’s technology


Hey @Jabz

Great job! Keep spreading the word about æternity.



Did these guys look dope in their caps??:face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth: