Meetup in the Barcelona coding school

Hi everyone,

This afternoon I’ll do a meetup in the Barcelona coding school at 6:30pm

It’s the first meetup I do of a little “tour” that I’m starting un my city, I’m contacting the schools and Universities with degrees of coding, Computer Science and releated. I think it’s the right way to go cause you really get a good acceptance and level of knowlege and easily many students would like to participate on the dacade courses and the Next Starfleet program.
By the way I m so Happy to ser the results of my ambassador tour of last spring, two of the 10 finalists of the Starfleet program knew about Aeternity through my meetups, I really think that if we get one spanish team to sin the prize It Will help a lot to establish a powerful Aeternity community in Spain.

BEST wishes to all❤️

@erik93 @ae-albena


Hope you will have a great meetup @Manel! :clap::clap:

Great job @Manel, I am sure we are about to see the fruits of your tireless work :slight_smile: