Meetup in ulhasnagar!

Mannat Sukhramani
Meetup date : 22/6/19
No. Of attendees : 10
Meet up : 3

Key points:
Basics of blockchain
Crypto on blockchain
What is aternity
Why aternity
State channels
Smart contracts
Naming system in aeternity

This meetup was conducted in my office.
I started with basic working of blockchain because initial information paves good ground for concept understanding.
Later I started with aeternity. Explained the loopholes in currnent blockchains and how aeternity overcomes them. Also aeternity is different than current blockchains in naming systems.
Crypto currencies on blockchain and mining was also included.
We also discussed about state channels and how it is useful in banking and eduction sector.
Some use cases were discussed how can army and police use blockchains to keep records and maps.
I also explained Use case of hospitals adopting block chain.
Thus I would conclude this meet up was very informative and productive.

Thank you team aeternity.
Mannat Sukhramani .


Thank you so much @Mannatsukhramani, those photos are so cute :slight_smile:

When do you plan on holding your next meetup?


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Thank you so much…
M planning my meet probably nxt week for business management students.


Here is the video from Mannat’s meetup! :smiley:

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