Meetup La Quizanda Carabobo Venezuela - Ubikalo

Hello aeternity family, this time I want to share a meetup we performed last month in La Quizanda, with PDVSA young people interested in learning about blockchain and Daepps as a real option in many areas.

This event was for young people starting their professional life in an oil company. Their goal is to make changes in this company, with the natural youth energy and enthusiasm within, now they have a new option in their life in the company with blockchain technology.

They know now blockchain tech and Aeternity ability for daepps as solution for process are there, and the educational tools are there too.

The main questions were:

  • How to learn this technology? A: dacade as first step
  • Does this work for any company? A: company, indivuals, bussiness, organizations, this technology works in every human interaction
  • Is Venezuela ready for this, our siituation is very bad. A. Venezuela situation is the best challenge for this kind of solutions, and there are many venezuelans learning and looking for tools to make things better for all. In my opinion, there is not any other country better than Venezuela to use blockchain tech and Aeternity potential