Meetup Module 1 in the University of Margarita UNIMAR aeternity block chain Introduction

Hi i am Luis Carlos Torres From Nueva Esparta,Venezuela the day 10 of march,we are proud to give an introduction of aeternity blockchain and To the system engineers students and professors of the University Of Margarita. i have been told they have some projects and big blockchain enthusiast,i will soon post more feed back on the meetup.


thanks for sharing. We will be attentive to photos and highlights of the meetup

Hi every one,this is the update of the first meet up in the university of margarita,everything went well we talked about aeternity blockchain dapps and some use cases,after some snacks they asked me many questions about how to line up some ideas and projects,and about how to buy ae coins with our current currency which i took their number and scheduled a second meet up where,i am going to explain the different use cases so they can have a better idea and come up with new creatives,and how they can get access to ae coins with our current fiat and by mining.the dean also asked me if i could please repeat this module as that day almost half of the population had a field trip and she wishes to enhance the way they handled the publicity for the meet up.


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Thank you @Luis.chain! Hope you and your audience enjoyed it and please tell us more about these use cases once you get to meet again. :muscle:

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sure as soon as i match this second group that missed the first meet up to the one that already learn it,i am going to set up the both to just one group.In a second module i will explain better the existent use cases,guide their ideas and brain storm with them for new creatives,prepare the group for the dacade course so hopufully they are validated and qualified by dacade i believe this would be the best way to make them feel confident of their idea and start working on them.

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