Meetup - Venezuela 18062019

The meetup was aimed at teachers and students in the computer science area of ​​the Experimental University of Greater Caracas-Venezuela, and basic knowledge was shared to understand Blockchain Technology and its usability in the ecosystem of æeternity through intelligent contracts using state channels and the oracles.


Great job @mgomez :slight_smile: Tell us more about the participants - were they familiar with æternity at least on a basic level?


Thanks Albena, this group is starting in the ecosystem of the blockchain + æternity technology, they are students of computer science of the Experimental University of the Great Caracas

Marco Gomez


Excelente trabajo hasta ahora Marco!! Genial ver como se integran cada vez más estudiantes a tus meetups ¿alguno de ellos tiene especial interés en el desarrollo blockchain?

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Si sobre todo en el tema del IoT, saludos

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Muy buen trabajo Marco, bien planificado y ejecutado. Felicitaciones

Muchas gracias, Juan Carlos