Meetup With Some Makerere Studdents

We meet with a few students from Makerere University, we disscussed about blockchain, aeternity blockchain with its features such as

  1. smart contracts,
  2. Naming system
  3. Unique governance
  4. Oracles
  5. Consensus
    Most of these students were still lacking more blockchain knowledge and had to futher introduce them to concepts of blockchain, wallets, cryptography, explained to them the difference between public and private key and why they should always store they private keys secretly.
    This lead us to share more about aeternity’s æpps such as Base æpp, explorer, voting æpp and uses of each æpp.
    We shared how and what the current æternity’s use cases can solve some of the problems in our surrounding.
    introduced to them educational program and how they can use it to advance their blockchain technology and earn some ae coins once they complete æternity courses on the platform.
    Introduced them to aeternity ventures, and how their blockchain projects and ideas would be funded by its starfleet program.
    The main goal of this meetup was to bring up a blockchain commnity group, that will begin seeing a growth of blockchain ideas, projects through interaction wiith different students and the utilization of platform that will boost their understanding of blockchain technologies