Meetup with the young entrepreneur in the town!

Mannat Sukhramani
No. Of attendees : 12
Date 26/5/19
Meet up : 2
This is was my second formal meetup in very famous cafe delicia. This meet up had mostly young entrepreneurs.
They key points discussed:

  1. Basics of blockchains
  2. Introduction of aeternity
  3. Smart contracts
  4. Oracles
  5. State channels

Meetup was started briefing with basic introduction of bloackchains. I started with working of blockchains and explained how does aeternity makes it user friendly. State channels and oracles were much discussed topics.
Smart contracts had a detailed discussion. There were many questions about it. I am glad I was able to give them satisfying answers.!!

Lastly I would conclude that the meetup was very informative and productive for the attendees. It was an amazing experience!

Glad to be a part of this firm!!
Thank you aeternity!!


Great photos @Mannatsukhramani, thank you :slight_smile:
Did you discuss any possible use-cases to be built on æternity?


Yes I did !! Forgot to mention before. I explained how it is can be brought to use in various sectors and platforms and its benefits to their particular stream. They were keen to know how would they benefit from aeternity in their business.


@Mannatsukhramani please be a bit more specific with the use cases :slight_smile:

Also, all your meetups were in Ulhasnagar, right?

All meet ups were conducted in Ulhasnagar.

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