Migrating ERC20 AE from Multisig wallet to AE mainnet after the ERC20 Lockup

Hi all,

We have a number of ERC20 AE tokens, locked in a multisig smart contract and we seem to be unable to move them to our ERC20 hardware wallet or to migrate them to AE mainnet.
After some digging we found that there was a forum post with a request to move the tokens however it seems that was missed by us.

How can we recover ownership of our tokens ?


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Hi @bdevelle - the aeternity ERC-20 token smart contract was build in a way that all tokens become non-transferable around the 2nd of September 2019. This was initially communicated during the token contribution campaign, then throughout the years and for one year after the main net launch. We have managed to find a trustless decentralized solution to recover 99.9% of all tokens by implementing the ETH curve into the aeternity protocol (so you can still migrate standard accounts) but as it is technically impossible to know the owners of a multi-sig there was no way to support the token migration for these tokens after the freeze of the ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum.

I’m very sorry but your tokens at this time are lost. Maybe there will be a solution during future hard-forks, but right now there is no way to access these tokens anymore.

We don’t have access to a centralized pool of coins that we manually send around. The whole process was build in a trustless and decentralized way without any master-key or admin.

The only technical solution that had been discussed is creating a new aeternity-migration-token on Ethereum that we send to all multi-sig contracts that still hold aeternity. Then, you could send those tokens to a new migration contract on Ethereum while providing an aeternity address within the payload. This was the initial method for the migration phase (which was one year long). During the next hard-fork, these accounts could be created on aeternity main net together with their balance.

But as I said, this is the situation and right now there is no technical way for anyone to give you access to those tokens. Making the ERC-20 tokens non-transferable was planned from the first hour to set a deadline for aeternity main net and to not have two different aeternity tokens traded (one main net token and one Ethereum ERC-20 token).

I will spread this request of yours to some core team members and see if there is a solution planned for an upcoming hard fork and will ask them to comment on this.


There are currently no plans for further token migration efforts.

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