Migration doesn't work

Hi Guys,

missed to migrate my erc 20 tokens to mainnet. If i try it now, i get an error message. need help.



ETH adress: 0xBCffCc327F1965A3737FcB9aA039431960e49941
AE Mainnet adress i wanted to sent it to: ak_2Evpvv2A8C8qFcdJ3sVbmKX1BxquKKAAUg251td2FgZ24fqUb5

Hey @Mark

@martingrigorov.chain will check and get back to you.

Meanwhile, send us any screenshot available.

And please share what the error was


Hope that helps. You need something else?

Not sure why you got an error message, but the migration looks successful the tokens were migrated in this transaction

Tokens were migrated to ak_2Evpvv2A8C8qFcdJ3sVbmKX1BxquKKAAUg251td2FgZ24fqUb5 and I see you have already moved some of them from that account…