Minimum and recommended system specs


I cannot seem to find any minimum specs for running a full node.

That may of course be because I can’t search properly.

If so, could someone be so kind to point me to the most recent information?

If not, could the dev team please provide some answer?

Thank you in advance.


Hey @Damelon,

We’ve forwarded your question to our dev team and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Best regards,


It’s been more than two weeks now.
No answer to this?


Hi, sorry for the delay in answering your question.

While we didn’t investigated the minimum system that runs the full node, let me tell you that we use m4.large with 2vCPUs and 8GB memory for our testnet and load test environments.


The basic node I have been able to run it with 1vcpu, as low as 1GB of ram with lean30 for mining and mining set to off (it will still generate a block per generation).

The suggested one is at least 4GB ram for the mean algorithm or it will run out of memory.

So I could pretty much tell you, you may be able to run the node on commodity specs, but it will take you several configuration changes and it may fill up the harddrive with the blockchain when it gets higher transaction volumes


indeed, for lightweight operations look at lean versions of mining - or disable mining at all using auto_start mining false


Remember that having mining auto_start in false does not mean your node will not create block candidates. It will still mine.


to the contrary, with stopped mining, the node builds up a candidate, which is cheap operation - or at least, there is small overhead over validation - but it doesn’t start PoW

Did you observe different behaviour? We may have a bug then.


Up to versión 24 I saw the node generating candidates and still taking 100 of 2 cpus. so I assigned only one cpu and left mining to autostart. I thought that was default behaviour


I went to check on the 25 and 1.0.0rc2 and you are correct, it won’t mine if it is set to auto_start false. it won’t hog the cpu.