Mining with Raspberry PI


Back when the testnet was first released I attempted to setup a Raspberry Pi to mine unsuccessfully. I was wondering if this would be possible as some point? I understand resources on a Pi are limited but if that would be possible talk about decentralization. I know mobile phone mining on the wish list early on and maybe this is a half step to that as a pi can run a version of ubuntu. Just a thought.


Hey @ROB,

Our developers will get back to you on that one.

The AE Team


Hey @ROB,

Mining on the Raspberry Pi is not feasible (unless a new one with seriously beefed up specs arrive) it is just too slow - with Bitcoin-NG it doesn’t make much sense to do mining attempts that take too long. Running a non-mining node should be straightforward - but maybe not as much fun. See also this discussion:



Looks like a cool project. I will most likely be checking out Arduino from here on out to see if I can set up Raspberry Pi