Munich, Sofia, Barcelona - My Aeternity connection :)


My name is Georgi, (, digital native, specialised in MultiMedia and Communication.

More than 10 years ago we were going to the same informatics classes with the founder of Aeternity Yanislav Mahalov in LMU Munich.

Later I met part of the Aeternity team in Sofia, Bulgaria and was inspired not only by the introduced technology but also by the amazing people behind it!

I organized at 20.20.20 (we started at 20:00) in WeWork Barcelona an IT MeetUp, where Manel as Ambassador for Aeternity in Spain, introduced the Blockchain and Aeternity in particular.

He encouraged me to apply for the Ambassador program and I am thankful to him for the great presentation and motivational support.

And… here I am :slight_smile:

Happy to be on board and joining the Aeternity team and community!


Hey @OgiKaram thanks for introducing yourself. Great to have you here.

Look around the categories, there are a bunch of interesting discussions you can join.

Great to have you here @OgiKaram! Please feel free to post your ideas and suggestions on the different categories of the forum, like these ones: