My first æternity meet-up in Kalyan, India


Hey Everyone! Last weekend i did my first aeternity meet-up in Kalyan, India on 24th march at 7;30 pm.
Key points:
1.What is a blockchain?
2.How does it work?
3.Benefits of a blockchain
4.What is aeternity?
5.Why aeternity?
6.Key features of aeternity
7.State channels
This meetup was organised at Delicia fine dine in my city. The people who attended this meetup were of the age group of 17-21.
As it was my first meetup, I started with the basics of Blockchain because i wanted people to know the true definition of a blockchain, how it works and why it is necessary.
Once i was done with that i smoothly transitioned it to aeternity and made them understand why aeternity is better then the other blockchains in the market.
State channels was an intriguing topic for people and they were glad to here the benefits of state channels and i was super glad to clear their doubts aswell.
The meet-up was productive and everyone learned something new about this very amazing technology aeternity.

Here are some photos and a meetup video.

Video link :


Hey @Yash, thank you for your work :slight_smile:

Please tell us more - how many people attended the meetup, what were the main questions from the participants?



Here are more details on this meetup:

8 participants

Topics presented: What is blockchain, How does it works, it’s benefits, what is aeternity, how does it works, it’s benefits, state channels, key features of aeternity and why aeternity

Questions asked by the audience: Why blockchain? how it is more beneficial than any other system? and how aeternity works? why choose aeternity? what is state channels? Benefits of blockchain?

Potential æpps use cases: As this was Yash’ first meetup, Ashish his Lead ambassador was with him and helped him with some use cases like banking and education institutions in India.