My first Meet up in Slovenia

Hello to the Aeternity community and developers !
I am Nick Jan Polc, I am 23 years old and a strong supporter of the Blockchain technology. I originaly started wih Bitcoin and Ethereum but stopped when I started educating myself on blockchain technology. WHen I came across Aeternity I was immediatly impresed and decided to invest and follow how the company will develope and I am not dissapointed. I am happy to be apart of this project and hope to do good and learn much more. Here is a video of our meet up and some photos it was a small one for the first time but in the future meet ups I expect more people to come and learn something new. We talked about State channels, Smart contracts and Aeternity smart contracts, Oracles, Cuckoo Cycle and POW and aepps. It was fun and I am excited for the next meet up and hope more people will come.
Greetings from Slovenia, Nick Jan.


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Hello @nickjanpolc,

This thread was hidden up until now and I am not sure why, but nevermind…
Welcome, we are happy to have you in the AE community and thank you for spreading the word about æternity :wink:



Thank you very much !
No problem, I love to be part of a project I believe in. The second meet up will be even better ! Also I will try to upload the video from the first meet up, hope it will work now.

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Great, thank you :slight_smile:

Here is the video from Nick Jan’s meetup! :smiley:

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