My First Meet-up Lagos - Roland Adewunmi

Hi Everyone, i had my first meetup yesterday (17/04/19), it proved to be an interesting session. It was an eye opener to the reality that a good number of persons still don’t know what blockchain technology is all about but equally an uncanny experience that after explaining and give examples of real world uses that blockchain can be applied, the participants amongst whom were some senior officials in some government agencies soon were boisterous about the radical changes that could be brought to bear on bureaucratic bottlenecks in G2C and G2B engagements. An attendee was more interested in how he can make money by embracing blockchain technology, i told him about the inherent opportunities in BC business development, crypto currencies trading, investing in ICOs, IEOs and STOs etc. The meetup ended with a number of attendees wanting to know if there would be follow up meetups to further avail them the chance to learn more about Blockchain technology.


Hey @rolandadewunmi, thank you very much for your work and support :slight_smile:

Please share some more photos from the event if available!


Thank you @rolandadewunmi, but please also explicitly mention æternity and it’s technological advantages, not just trading :slight_smile:

One more picture from the event in Lagos:

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