.NET SDK in testing/developing

Since we are integrating AEternity in our stack, we are developing a .NET SDK for AEternity.

For more information and feedback:



That’s great @mpiva, thank you so much :slight_smile:


This is great!! How can we help you, what is your project about?

Currently, testing.
All test and integration testing are passing but the devil never sleeps.
There is probably serialization/deserialization issues in contracts. I personally don’t like the code made on that part. Since some Sophia data types are not serialized into a strict json compliant, the reliance on regex for parsing worries me a lot.

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regarding serialization of the sophia data types do you mean the ACI that is being produced by the compiler?

No, actually, the input and the output of the contracts:
Example: map
[“one”] = 2, [“two”] = 1
[1] = “two”, [2] = “one”
This needs a custom serializer and deserializer. Instead of using json parser as generic serializer/deserializer.

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ok I see. that is also something we need to look at in the java-sdk. we have no easy to use way to pass function parameters to the calldata.

do you already have a working mapper there? I saw that you implemented sth on that side.

Yes there is a mapper.
But I’m not actually proud of it. Lots of regex :grimacing: and fast coding. More extensive tests are needed.