Nigeria Abuja Meetup Hosted On 3/6/2019

3/6/2019 i hosted a meetup and it was a success,after explaining Blockchain, Aeternity Blockchain and it’s features we came up with a use case which is supply chain,using Blockchain. This is because as of now it’s the biggest use case for Blockchain because it’s where Intermediary and most immediate real world use case come from, and the reasons is that there are so many problems within the supply chain as of now that Aeternity Blockchain can help fix. First of all Trust is a big problem when its come to supply chain, It’s usually difficult for small businesses to keep up and also Lack of Transparency in the Supply Chain leads to Lost or Delay of goods which in turn Increased Waste and Insufficient Planning leads to Poor Relationships and Unhappy Consumer And the solution to this will be achieved through Aeternity Blockchain, is Digital ownership, prove of origin, trusted maintenance tracking
Documentation, contracts and other information that define expectations throughout the supply chain, demand and supply chain,Tracking and authentication of goods, Onward logistics and distribution of goods to the end customer. And I Also referred my audience to for more knowledge on Blockchain and Aeternity’s development 101.

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