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Hello, guys!

Greetings from Noble Hire - a referral-based job board that has its official launch today! Noble Hire aims to address all of the issues with the traditional talent acquisition by inspiring companies to create beautiful profiles on the platform (much like CVs for companies) listing everything interesting about them that a potential employee would like to know. In addition, we inspire them to create engaging job ads which have extensive info about the position, including projects, team members, programs, etc.

We believe that finding top talent which will fit the company rarely happens through traditional channels and recruitment methods. Therefore, we are leveraging the referral method by giving people the opportunity to refer within their network and have the option of winning a referral bonus when their recommendation turns into successful hire. The bounty often amounts to 2,3 times the salary for the position.

In addition, each position on the website has the option of “Share to your network” via UTM link which, if it leads to successful hire, could win the owner 20% of the referral bonus.

One of Noble Hire’s co-founder and CEO is Georgi Ivanov and some of you know may know him as the co-founder and former CEO of Enhancv, a platform for interactive CVs that quickly gained success on international markets. Much like with CVs for candidates, Georgi’s idea was to reverse the model and motivate companies to create compelling CVs showcasing their culture and thus becoming attractive to top talents.

This week we are officially launching the platform starting with the profiles of more than 25 companies from the top list of tech companies in Sofia, and more than 60 positions to fill, most of them for ITs and developers. We will keep adding at least 10 new companies per month.

Check out the list of companies and position and apply/refer or share with your network :slight_smile: Also, talk to us about creating a profile for your company in the platform - it’s free!

Do follow us on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram)! @noblehire

Share your thoughts and let’s keep in touch!

Kind regards,

Niya Kotseva
Head of Marketing at Noble Hire
[email protected]

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Welcome to the forum, Noble team! :slight_smile:


Hey @nkotseva, welcome and thank you for presenting Noble Hire to our community!
Congratulations on the launch of the platform, please keep updating us on your progress!



Is the project based on ae?


Is this the first commercial project of ae?


Thank you! :slight_smile: Let’s stay in touch!


Will do! In the meantime, do follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/noblehire/


Hey @xupei, Noble Hire was part of the first batch of Starfleet.
They were in development up until recently and now finally came the time of the platform’s launch :slight_smile:


Well, you know, tell all the people in the community that there are no projects in the other block chains, and you will tell them when AE has a project.


The blockchain component is coming up. The current launch is aimed at testing the business model. It is a really cool project!