Not able to Call a Contract using aecli

Hi Team,

Called a deployed contract as below and got an error:

aecli contract call ./home/julius/aepp-cli-js/my-ae-wallet --password 12345 --contractAddress ;;;;pub;;;; main int 4 -u --internalUrl --networkId ae_uat


Invalid command: %sSee --help for a list of available commands.
Usage: aecli-contract [options] [command]


  • -u --url [hostname] Node to connect to (default: “”)*
  • –internalUrl [internal] Node to connect to(internal) (default: “”)*
  • –compilerUrl [compilerUrl] Compiler URL (default: “http://localhost:3080”)*
  • -f --force Ignore node version compatibility check*
  • –json Print result in json format*
  • -h, --help output usage information*


  • compile Compile a contract*
  • encodeData [args…] Encode contract call data*
  • decodeData Decode contract data*
  • decodeCallData [options] Decode contract call data*