[OPEN CALL WED 5:30 PM] Bonding Curves and Curation Markets Research


Hello everyone,

i’m planning to host a regular session on Bonding Curves and Curation Markets once per week every Wednesday at :clock530: 5:30pm here https://meet.jit.si/bonding-curves

The idea is to discuss potential standards for new funding mechanisms but also for curated registries (which we could use for a decentralised aepp store).

There are many resources online about the topic. I’ll post a few to get started here.

Many more to follow!



Is the first one next week (or was it the day you posted)?

What time zone is it in? :slight_smile:


Next week March 20th 5:30pm CET :slight_smile: - just confirmed with Emin


We will have a guest, @moritzfelipe from www.dacade.org will join us.