Personas Wallet

I do have an idea to change the way we share and store information. I also considered some possible revenue streams, but the main focus is on open source - because it will set a new standard.

So here is my problem. I am able to think; I am able to create something new, and to think through the entire process including revenue streams - new ones and classic ones, and or a combination of these.
But I am not a programmer! I can design and program websites, but no apps and not on the blockchain.

I am looking for someone - or a team - who is willing to take the idea and make it running. Being a businessman, I would like to be integrated within the strategy of this idea and with possible future incomes. On this basis, I would like to give away my idea, which will be described in a more detailed way - of course.

As I see it, it will ultimately be best integrated into the aeternity system’s core.
Looking forward to hearing your responses.
Everyone, have a nice weekend and greetings from Salzburg, Austria


Hey @GerhardMes and welcome! Thank you for sharing your idea with us.

@Luka can help you here and @emin as well.


Thanks Albena. Right now I am on the road. But I will come back. Thanks again and have a nice week.
Cheers Gerhard

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Hi @GerhardMes - looking forward to some more details.

I think we can agree that Blockchain also stands for decentralisation, right? But what implications this have? When thinking of informations and the sharing of these, decentralisation mainly means here that users get back their right of their property - their information and produced data and the right for all the revenues that comes with these.
I am thinking abut the core function of these thoughts. The address book and the way we are sharing information today. Today we give away business cards, or similarities. But when it comes to add informations (birthday, new employer, new address or phone number, …) the other is responsible to updating such changes. a very time consuming work; me costs this several dozens of hours each year.
So, decentralization and the mindset could change this behaviour.
Decentralisation brings along the mindset that everyone is only responsible to his | her own data and the updates. and the sharing of the data could be done within the blockchain with smart contract (declaring the usage, …) with syncing datasets.
Every user should centralised store all his | her information in a information or data wallet and defining profiles, or sometimes called personas. Profiles defines the dataset he | she is willing to share to a special group. E.g. the family profile defines all information willing to share to family members and e.g. best friends. Different to business profile. Think that’s self-explanatory.
When a user updates e.g. a new employer all contacts will be automatically be updated where this data field is member of based on profiles.
Within such a smart contract of sharing, GDPR clauses could be implemented. A huge change for companies and especially for small companies a big help and cost reduction.
Personal informations are mostly the basic dataset of each app, website, digital business and s on. We can define personal information and the sharing the core of digital business. CRM, ERP, commence, membership businesses and a bunch of others rely on personal informations of their customers. This implies, that the way of developing apps and websites will change too.
This in a nutshell is the idea I ma thinking about.

PS: If not everything was written correctly or only with difficulty understandably, please excuse me. I’m just passing by and English is my second language.

Having setting up few startups I can confidently say that the idea is almost nothing. Even idea + product development is far to guarantee a success. The success comes with continues work on ALL the following fields:

  • Business
  • Sales
  • Product / IT.

So what you need in fact is platform to do a business together - having teams of different specializations to collaborate.