Peterson Lee from æternity community of Korea


Hi, everyone.
I am a Peterson Lee from Korea. I have called “Aeternity Holic” in Korea.
I want to join the ambassador program in Aeternity.

Aeternity is not known much in Korea, yet.
I hope many Korean will knows the Aeternity which have great team, excellent technology and have lots of potential.
As a result, I have started to make and operate formal Aeternity community of Korea from March.
Here is the my community in Korea.

Recently, more and more people are visiting and joining the Aeternity community of Korea . I am sure that Aeternity will be announced in Korea in the future.
Thank you.


Oh Peter Lee, I know U dude. I remember U are doing work hard for AE in Korea. I got the informations of AE from your site several times. Thanks, and anyway, i think you deserve to be AE korea embassador.


You represent the Aeternity of Korea .
That’s awesome!!


AE HOLIC!! Finally you have a chance for the world stage of AE! AE holders in Korea must know you. You deserve to be an ambassador representing Koean AE holders.Definitely and undoubtedly Korean AE holders will support you because everyone knows your efforts! Gazuaaaaaa!


Hi Lee,

First time I talk to you in the telegram that only few people in kor channel, and for now even my friends know that there is kor community of ae. Wish great development of ae in kor and keep in touch.


Thank you for all friends!!!


hi Holic I’m coming.


telegram 100 个用户不到, 看来韩国人对 aeternity 的热情不够啊.

Telegram, 100 users is less than it seems Korean aeternity enthusiasm is not enough.




Aeternity, it doesn’t known yet in Korea.
Thanks for your interesting!


Awesome work Peterson. Me and Erik would love to hear more about it; we sent you a PM on Telegram, let’s talk next week and, congratulations on behalf of the team for that great enthusiasm!


Thank you, Julio.
I will do my best for it!


Awesome Peterson. Great meeting in Korea btw; we all became quite happy!


Hey Julio.

The small meetup in Korea was good.
Participants satisfied the presentation!