Please help to find my AE


I have bought my AE using BTC while taking part in ICO.
Now I can’t find my AE. isn’t working this days.
How to find my ERC20 address where my AE was send after ICO?
I know my BTC address used in ICO.
It is possible I didn’t withdrawn it after ICO sale but I’m not sure.
Is it possible to get from AE Team info where my AE were send, using as identifier my BTC ICO sale address?

Please help!


Hello @alternate

Your ERC-20 tokens have been sent to an ETH address.
Do you remember whether you kept them in an exchange or in a wallet?



After more research I found that I sent BTC to (ICO) and never withdraw it.
So maybe I should use this method to receive them?

EDIT: Yes, it works!

Thank you.
I thought I did it before but no, it was all the time on my ICO wallet and now I created eth pair for it.
Thanks for your time! Best.