Polytechnic Lafia

The meetup at Isa Mohammed Polytechnic had attracted some of the Polytechnic’s lecturers and a good number of students of the computer science department. I was an engaging moment discussing about blockchain and its deployment in day to day activities. After giving a brief introduction on what blockchain is and what cryptocurrencies are, we went further to discuss about the issues blockchain solutions are currently facing and some of the solutions to these problems. We looked at how aeternity is providing a solution for scalability via state channel and how it has proven to be an effective way of solving the scalability issue so far. Also spoke about the Bitcoin-NG solution and we also looked at governance and security.
We spoke about a couple of use cases which including deploying blockchain in the Nigerian educational system, Agriculture, e-commerce, governance and also land tittles. The lectures who do not have an idea of blockchain programming said they will also try to take the aeternity101 course on dacade.org and give me feedback.

find the video here: https://youtu.be/vfnD5MS6Qg0

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