Product Coordinators Weekly Calls on Friday


Hello everyone,

As some of you already know, we’ve canceled the Product Developer Hangout and merged it with the Product Coordinators Call we hold every Friday.

You can join us on Fridays at 12 PM CEST to talk to all Product Owners at once :slight_smile:

Talk to you later :wink:

Billeteras de æternity, Extensiones de Navegador y Mejoras de SDK

Hello everyone,

You can find the recordings of all Product Coordinators calls we had so far in this YouTube playlist:

We’ll be sharing here the video footage of the forthcoming meetings so we have them all at on place :slight_smile:

Use this thread to ask your questions as well - we’ll make sure they’ll get answered over the next weekly calls!



Hello everyone,

Join us today at 12 PM CEST to hear the latest news from all Product Coordinators within æternity!

Don’t hesitate to ask questions here and we’ll make sure they’ll get answered during the call!

This is the link to the call (it may be changed due to technical reasons):

Talk to you later :slight_smile:


If everything works out, this is the link to our Livestream on YouTube if you only want to watch it:


And here is the recording of this week’s Product Coordinators call (Week 19):

Emin is collecting written updates by the product owners here:



Hello…i tried to join the developers call via hangout, guess no one clicked to let me join.

I have plenty questions to ask about aeternity development and how as a developer i can develop decentralized applications on the Ae protocol.

Firstly i would love to know more about oracles since oracles can query real world data and provide information if queried, and there is room for developing/creating an oracle.

I would love to know how a developer like myself create oracles and how the Aeternity protocol can cross check to know if the data i updated/created on the oracle is genuine and valid.

Also i would love a comprehensive and detailed explanation on how state channels can be created/developed since it provides a means of smart contract execution off chain.

Lastly i would love to know as a developer how i can have access real time use case of application development on the Aeternity protocol and also Aeternity seems to love enlang, i would love to know the use cases of enlang in AE development and how as a developer i can utilize this, though to note Aeternity smart contracts language SOFIA is written in a functional manner just like javascript, and to my knowledge Enlang is a functional programming language and Aeteenities protocol is developed using Enlang.

I would want to know where does the various technological peogramming language Aeternity uses like Python JS, Enlang and the likes applies. and as a blockchain developer on the Aeteenity protocol how do i distinguish and know what language fits what in AE development.


Hello @success

We are sorry you couldn’t join but you can watch the recording of the call above. Please try to join the next call this Friday at 12 PM CEST.

Regarding your questions:

  • You can learn more about oracles in the dedicated oracles category here in the Forum:

  • Same thing goes for the state channels category:

We participate in a research group on state channels - you can watch recordings of some of the meetings here:

And we recently had an Ask-Me-Anything session on state channels with Dimitar Ivanov - find it here:

  • To get an initial understanding of how AE works, you can check out this list of tutorials:

And the Documentation Hub:

  • The SDKs category will give you more information on the æternity’s Python, JS, Go, Elixir SDKs:



And I forgot to mention Dacade’s course on æternity - it’s super useful for newcomers:


Here is the recording of the live stream of Week #20, a better version will be uploaded shortly


Here it is: