[PROPOSAL] æternity ært auction æpp at events

æternity ært auction æpp at events


Philipp and Keno have been developing a great æternity auction æpp that with some modification can be used at events to promote the æternity blockchain, let people make use of the æternity blockchain and show what æternity stands for (accessibility, freedom of expression, etc). It will be a great showcase that engages people with the æternity blockchain and delivers after every event a crowdsourced artwork (to be possible tokenised :)).


Blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs/artists, art world

Scope of Work (MVP)

In order to make it happen, the æpp can be simplified to a digital-only execution with an engaging/gamified element through paper wallets. The actual artwork can be live shown to a big screen at the event. With this, each event will have its own crowd made digital artwork, powered by æternity.

People at any event receive an initial set of tokens. In order to have more buying power, people can team up or they can gain more tokens with the gamified element, of for example gaining 2 extra AE tokens for a tweet about the æpp. This gamified aspect has been used in the beer æpp and was successful at events in order to engage people and spread the word.

Metric of Success

  • Number of people participating/engaging in the artwork
  • Social media engagement / PR outcome
  • Crowd based artworks, which can be showcased, or even tokenised (æternity’s ært collection)


  • Project Owner (can be split)
  • Event Manager
  • Social Media / PR specialist
  • UX/UI designer
  • 2 Developers (Piwo and Keno)

Budget Needed

Emin has more info on the costs of the human resources:

  • Fulltime Keno and Phillip 3-4 weeks dev time, event day full time
  • Fulltime UI/UX designer 3-4 weeks
  • Fulltime project owner (can be split in two roles), 40 hours weekly, event day full time, 2-3 months
  • Parttime social media manager, 10 hours weekly, event day full time, 2 months
  • Part-time Event Manager, 15 hours weekly, event day full time, 2 months

Sponsorship event:

  • metric: max 1 dollar per participant, e.g. 10.000 visitors, max 10k sponsorship

Travel / accommodation event:

  • TBD based upon location



Estimated 3 - 4 weeks of work for Philipp and Keno for making the æpp conference proof:

  • Up to two weeks of work for Philipp and Keno for the paper wallets integration
  • Few days time to fix smart contract with new æternity protocol
  • Few days time needed for cleanup and initial deployment

Estimated 3 - 4 weeks work to give the æpp a good UX/UI interface, needed: UI/UX designer

  • UX UI interface update
  • Integration of paper wallets interface
  • Canvas interface update (change from vectors to pixels)

Project management, timeframe 2 - 3 months

Project manager (can be split between coordinator, and owner): estimated 40 hours weekly, timeframe 2-3 months

  • Overseeing full project, integrating perspective of marketing and deployment of the æpp
  • Mapping out the gamified element for the conferences for the devs and UI/UX designer to integrate
  • Identifies and contacts possible events/conferences
  • Develops a budget proposal for each event for execution including target audience, metric of success
  • Develops social media and PR strategy
  • Main contact person for follow up (Monetisation: tokenise the artworks)

Event manager, part-time preparation, 15 hours weekly, 2 months, full-time when executed:

  • Main contact person for the event/conference regarding the execution
  • Makes sure of the logistics (tech, screens, goodies etc.) and travel/accommodation attendees

Social media PR specialist, part-time 10 hours weekly, fulltime at the event, 2 months

  • Execution of Social Media and PR strategy