[Proposal] CAS Luzern lecture 29.6

CAS Luzern aeternity + aeternity solutions presentation

Summary (How does this help our goals?)

We can present aeternity and aeternity solutions in front of mid-level executives, who are interested in blockchain and specifically in aeternity. This has also been pre-approved already, but shouldn’t fall through the cracks with the reorganisation going on.

Targets :
Increase awareness of aeternity blockchain and solutions

Goals of the Campaign (Metric of Success)

*Presentation of aeternity in comparison to other blockchains
*Presentation of business use cases which improve company bottom-lines already today
*Smart contract programming for beginners


  • Project Owner: Helmut

  • Preparation by: Balazs + Helmut + 1 developer

  • Approvals: **Yani+Marion;

Budget Needed

  • Balazs + Helmut 16hrs. preparation, + 1 man day traveling
    *1 developer: 1 man day traveling - use of WeAreDevs smart contract workshop


Hand in materials to university: 24.6
Presentation: 29.6 (4 hours)