[Proposal] Core Dev interviews

Summary (How does this help our goals?)

Video content is highly engaging and can increase throught leadership of aeternity.

Targets :
Increase awareness and thought leadership among devs


“meet the teams”

  • Introducing æternity’s top devs

  • Goal

  • gaining trust!!

  • highlight great brain behind of æternity’s technology

  • Storyline

** 1. Establishing thought leadership and soft link to aeternity, Inspiration

  • How they started “coding”

** Project highlight

  • Robert: story of erlang invention

  • Thomas: QuickCheck

  • Ulf N: Agda

  • Ulf W: AXD 301

  • Erik: High Performance Erlang project & Klarna

  • (Optional): Hans Svensson Topic - only if other Quviq star developers don’t have time

** Plus: personal episode, inspiration

  • how they introduced to blockchain

  • role / project in æternity

  • what’s next?

  • 10-15mins

** 2. Transfer thought leadership to aeternity

  • In depth talk about Blockchain and Virtual Machine respectively their past and present focus topics at aeternity blockchain and its challenges

  • Outlook on future blockchain development at aeternity and later in general

  • 10-15 mins

** Sample questions:

  • Who am i? or Who are you?

  • When did your interest in computers begin?

  • academic experience

  • when did you start / engage with functional programming language, personal introduction

  • or any personal story to tell about himself

  • Outside of work, what are you passionate about/interested in?

  • What advice would you give to a younger developer just starting out? (final question)

**Tell us more about your project xxx

  • What is xxx?

  • how did you start your project?

  • What was the inspiration?

  • Idea behind the project, what did you try to solve?

** Blockchain & æternity

  • Why did you decide to join the æternity team?

  • What interests you most about Blockchain?

  • What is your current project within aeternity?

  • Do you think that blockchain has the potential to change the world?

  • What are the challenges?

Goals of the Campaign (Metric of Success)

1-2 videos per star developer filmed, post-processed and distributed on youtube.


  • Project Owner: tbd
  • Videographer - Should be at the core dev workshop already

Budget Needed
Project owner: tbd - 10 hours for questions finalization, handling of videos

*Start immediately -
*Upload of videos in 2 weeks