[Proposal] Increase followership of English and Russian Telegram channel

Summary (How does this help our goals?)
Increase awareness of aeternity blockchain and increase channel reach

Targets :
Increase followership on Telegram channels by 7k each



Participants will have to subscribe to AE Russian community channel and Forklog channel and register with the giveaway bot. On the final day of the campaign the bot will randomly pick the winner and the runner up.

We will also include referral elements, e.g. the more new participants a subscriber has brought in the more his chances to win increase. This mechanic is already coded into the bot.

  • Seed costs

Forklog has handpicked the most relevant and cost effective channels to promote the giveaway. Helmut has this list:
Costs: 1-2k USD depending on reach - I recommend 2k

*Giveaway costs
1st USD750 + 2nd 350+ 3rd 150

  • Forklog costs USD 1-2k

80% of costs will come from Forklog April retainer, so campaign virtually cost free.


*Project owner: tbd - ideally Albena

Budget needed

  • Russian telgram: USD 0- 1k depending on whether we want to double the seed reach in comparison to forklog suggestion - 5 hours Albena
    *English telegram: USD 4-5k + 15 hours Albena

Timeline: Could start immediately