[proposal] MoCrypto community member proposal for ae chat encrypted messaging application

This proposal was sent to me a while ago but we never really followed up with it. I want to give it a second chance so we can get inspired by others and how they propose things.

I’ve suggested him to develop a simple chat application and he wrote this proposal in response:

My story began back in early 2016 when a good friend convinced me to buy one bitcoin, that night I started researching to see what the hell I just actually spent my hard earn money on and I really see the potential in blockchain and the problems it can solve within our society, from then I started investing into bitcoin and ethereum and I see the benefits of smart contracts and the decentralised world we can make.

Fast forward to 2017 I came across the aeternity project and really feel in love with the concept so I invested in phase 1 quite a lot of my ethers and then again loads more ethers in phase 2 of the crowdfunding campaign, for me the project felt right, as it connected to me in many ways more than one, I used a similar logo for a project in past, the colour pink is on my clickplayer logo a TV app that I’ve been successfully running for 8+ years and my step sons name is Yani too and also Yani you’re founder reminds me of an old friend.

A little after the æternity project started developing I found myself being very involved and active within the community and took it upon my self to help the with questions and guidance about the protocols and anything else about the project, also run a few article campaigns where I paid the community in ae to write articles about aeternity and then I posted them everywhere on all the social media’s, overnight the token doubled in price, I couldn’t of known if that was down to me or not, but I felt my contribution can definitely help.

Since then I decided I want to be part of this ecosystem and believe I can develop real use case applications on top of the aeternity platform.

Then in 2018 æternity had a meet up in London, so me and my partner joined and met Yani and the team, then finished the night with bagels and drinks, the next day I got offered to be admin of the official telegram channel by Marion “Yani suggestion” and since then I’ve been dealing with exchanges and all sorts of enquires about the project and directing them to the relevant team member as I become the first point of contact for the project on telegram. while living a busy life, running an IT company, family and two teenagers.

Since then me and Nikola have been talking about me developing my ideas on the aeternity platform, so in May 2018 Nikola invited me to Liechtenstein for the launch of house of blockchain and then again in January to Antalya for the aepps summit where I meet most of the team and found myself flying to Berlin with the Ape unit team, then in March I got invited to starfleet and here I am in Berlin still working within the office of Ape unit and æternity, so over the last two year I have invested my time into aeternity and have never asked for anything in return, today I’m here asking if we can work together to develop awesome applications on top of æternity, you all have seen that I am dedicated and money is not my motive, it’s to change the world with brining my ideas to life and to develop aepps that can help society.

Over the last few months I have built a great team of experienced developers and advisers to help develop on top of aeternity.

My team, a blockchain company (milarite.com) in the Amman Jordan with three experienced developers, one front end, one backend and one blockchain developer, I have one DevOps engineer in India and Ana “Luka’s wife from ventures” who is training as a front end developer, plus Eddie a agile scrum-master, Maximilian a mathematician/DevOps and John Newby “æternity developer” who both are my advisors.

My proposal is to receive funding of €6000 a month for a trial of three months to develop ae chat an encrypted messaging application on the æternity blockchain that the community can send and receive encrypted messages and ae coins within a secure web client.

Once the messaging application is complete and the community are using it. I would like to further develop more ideas on top of aeternity.

Thank you for your time and I hope we can work together to built a bright future.

Mo Zeq

@emin looks good. Can you get us in contact with him so we can maybe get this going?

This is what Dimitar and Ulf have proposed to be introduced in the Base aepp and with state channels. I think this is the best way forward for this. Could be an aepp, inside the Base aepp. Must use state channels.

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