Question Regarding Mainnet Upgrade

Is there a Mainnet Upgrade Taking Place? I deposited Tokens to Huobi on the 8th and theyve stated there is a mainnet upgrade, however i dont see any information regarding that anywhere

Hey there my condition is same as you, I have tried on other platforms also they are not accepting deposit nor withdrawal i can’t understand when i can’t a piece on internet regarding this upgrade if you find please share with me thank you.

iris HF scheduled for next month AETERNITY ROADMAP and RELEASE SCHEDULE Q4 2020 / Q1 2021

They are referring to the 5.6.3 community fork used to mitigate the recent 51% attack

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hello U am happy to hear it but I want to know that when will the community fork gets over like a date or somethin hope you understand. also when does this get over thank you