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AE has a total of 273,685,830 issued, 233,020,472 circulation, where is the more than 40 million that are not in circulation?

Will it be issued later?


Hello, why do you think that is an issue? Not in circulation only means that they are not distributed to contributors. The exact numbers and receipients are published in several blogposts. There is also our open source script on GitHub for that shows the exact token distribution. You should be still able to run and verify it by yourself today. Check it out here, you can run it locally:


Will it be issued later?


For some reason I thought it( the 40M) was held by the æ team… but the total amount isn’t the final amount, i.e. mining will create more but the team has not disclosed how much yet.


Correct. There will be proof-of-work mining which is incentivised with a coinbase like many other Blockchains. The exact numbers will be published. Please follow our announcements regarding this.