QuillTrace - Supply Chain SAAS

Hi All, Happy to introduce our Project
QuillTrace is a Blockchain Technology based SAAS platform to reduce errors, delays, and fraud, increase transparency & traceability, improve inventory management, and identify and resolve issues faster in supply chain management.
Our blockchain SAAS product provides an atmosphere to organizations for managing their existing supply-chain with better visibility of an asset in multiple stages of development/shipment. To make it easier to switch to the decentralized network, we provide APIs and webhooks which can integrate with existing centralized ERP Softwares of the organizations. To ensure live tracking of an asset, we have combined with the IoT network for data monitoring like location, time, temperature, humidity, vibration, etc.


Hello @preetam_quillhash and welcome! You are participating in Starfleet India, right? Share with us how it is going :slight_smile:


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Hi, Yes it was going good.
Yeah, We did it!

Started from 170+ applications for the program, we made it stand out and we have started our journey with 12 other players and now we have entered phase 2 (mentoring) with 7 other teams :v:

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Yes, congratulations about that! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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Hi,congratuation. Is this project based on aeternity?

Hi , Yes
we have integrated aeternity into our platform - https://medium.com/quillhash/how-to-tokenize-a-asset-on-aeternity-blockchain-for-supply-chain-344831d897a0

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