Reason : No extra properties allowed is killing me


Please delete thread…syntax error found.


“keys” is mandatory.

Is that your whole configuration?
can you paste it inside “code” tags?


No extra properties allowed means you have something in your configuration that is not expected by the node. Try removing the instances: 3 and see if it works. If it does it means you failed to build the multi_gp-branch and thus the node does not expect that parameter.


If it works without instances: but not with it, it means you have not followed the guide on how to build the multi_gpu miner branch. I suggest you try that then…


You’re fast, I edited above post about Types at the same time.
The last line of my first post above shows exactly what I did to install Multi-GPU cuda29. I got confused maybe with directories /node in one guide and /epoch in another.


The miner (i.e. the cuda29 executable) is the same for single and multi GPU - it is the epoch aeternity node that is different.


Is that cuda29 file type right???


Ok, great then you don’t have a problem with adding instances: 3 to you epoch.yaml.

#13 looks correct AFAIK.

  1. So, if I do an install that will mine with mean29-avx2 then do I have a node that will mine with a single GPU using cuda29???
    I’ve got several rigs running mean29-avx2 fine with their own open ports.
  2. How can I remove everything and start over for a fresh try???
    Sorry, I’m so ignorant, I’m not a coder.


I deployed my node as described in your guide:

My lines are:
mkdir ~/epoch
cd ~/epoch
tar xf ~/Downloads/epoch-1.0.1-ubuntu-x86_64.tar.gz
Maybe I should’ve put it in ~/node


The directory does not matter.
Note that this node is a Single instance node, and in order to use the GPU miner you need to build and install it.


But you said above:
The miner (i.e. the cuda29 executable) is the same for single and multi GPU


Yes, that is still true.

However, it is not shipped in the release you still have to build it and place it in the right directory?! The release only contains the CPU miner.


You have said multiple times that you followed Chris guide for the Multi GPU miner setup, if so, you have already built the GPU miner (hence my answer that it is the same as the single GPU miner)…

Otherwise the documentation for building the cuda miner is in


I compiled and tried gpu mining and it works, I saw several people installed and ran this on ubuntu 18.04.1lts which, byw is not an old version of linux, is the latest LTS version there is.

if you did follow the github that hanssv kinddly provided you should have no issues.


What does this ambiguous phrase “non-root user with ALL sudo privileges” actually mean to a lay end user??? The man sudoers file is 2421 lines long. The word “privileges” appears once on Line 7. The word “privilege” does not appear.
I can use the id command to see if I’m root:
[email protected]:~$ id
uid=1000(aurum) gid=1000(aurum) groups=1000(aurum),4(adm),24(cdrom),27(sudo),30(dip),46(plugdev),115(lpadmin),117(nopasswdlogin),127(sambashare)
Ok I’m not root, I’m aurum and a member of group sudo. I can open sudoers.tmp using sudo visudo:

privilege specification


Members of the admin group may gain root privileges

%admin ALL=(ALL) ALL

Allow members of group sudo to execute any command


See sudoers(5) for more information on “#include” directives:

#includedir /etc/sudoers.d


Hmm, do I comply with being a “non-root user with ALL sudo privileges” or not??? It looks to me that the %sudo group is equivalent to root. Rules are applied in order and when multiple rules apply the last entry is used. So aurum ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL takes precedence over %sudo ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL. But aurum only has two "ALL"s while %sudo has four "ALL"s. Hmm, maybe I need three ALLs. Maybe four.
It would be nice if the instructions said something like:
Assure that you are a non-root user with ALL sudo privileges by having this line placed at the end of your sudoers.tmp file delimited by spaces (or is it tabs):


It would be nice if one could be certain that they’ve complied with a requirement so they can have less to worry about when alpha code does not work.


it means youi have to create a user and make it a part of the “sudo” group in ubuntu.