Refuels for you

To the team and to the community members

Now is the most difficult period for AE. We have experienced 51% attacks some time ago,The exchange was removed, the mining pool was removed, and the Telegram was maliciously disbanded. But please don’t give up, because in the development of each project, there will always be various problems. We can still solve it, and it is not yet time to die.

I hope we can get out of the predicament. It is also expected that the team will be able to rethink the existing problems of AE and formulate an improvement plan.

Technology development is not what I am good at. The team has done a great job in this area. AE is still a project with very advanced technology. Thank you for the efforts of the team. I’m proud of you. But at the same time of rapid development, our ecological construction and community construction are not keeping pace with the progress of the project. Because I found that the team has developed a lot of things, such as superheroes, email encryption. But not enough people use them.

So I think we should find and face these problems. I support the team’s persistence in technology development. But we should also pay attention to community building.

I hope we still have the courage and hope to move on. I will put forward some suggestions and ideas on ecological construction and community construction in the next few days.

Finally, fuel for the team and community members


Wake up, leeks, and see how many times the rest of the coin has gone up except AE. Do you really think AE will go up by itself when the bull market is over! Don’t be silly, baby, not to mention the super chain. Even the God chain can’t save a garbage project party and a stupid leader. What embodies the value of money will never be technology, but consensus! Even if there is any new application development of AE, no one will use it, because there are too many choices in the market, and no one will use an already infamous AE! This is the truth.


I agree with you. I also think technology development and consensus should develop together. AE technology is still in the leading position, but a sound development of the project, not only need continuous technology development, but also need more maintainers, users. At the same time, sustainable development also needs more financial support. I don’t know about the financial situation of the team. But at present, AE has no profitable projects. For example, if Google develops AE, the development progress must be very fast, because it has a lot of employees (Like a lot of community members)and enough funds.

I really hope the team members can see these problems. Be able to see suggestions from community members. I have seen Posts sent by other members more than once. They offer a lot of ideas, but no one takes them seriously. Obstinacy will only make us disappear.


Two years from now, AE’s technological edge may be gone. Maybe the team needs to speed up development, adjust strategy, and look for opportunities.

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Community needs somewhere to stake their coins so we can at least get some sort of return on this token. Box aepp has defi option but the return reward is some unknown ABC token