Regarding the aforementioned cooperation with Ethereum and the specific method of obtaining the Ethereum ecosystem

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I saw that you agreed with my proposal to cooperate with Ethereum.
Here are the specific methods.

Although AE’s interstellar warship project is good, it is not enough to immediately increase the price of AE, and according to my observations
A considerable part of the interstellar warship program has not been actually applied, and AEPP has not been active enough.
The root cause is insufficient traffic.

As mentioned earlier, a quick and direct way to solve these problems is to invite Vitalik Buterin to come to AE as a consultant.
Vitalik Buterin preached AE to the audience of Ethereum.
This effect is far better than the sum of the efforts that all AE communities can achieve.

AE did this for three reasons

  1. V God has a well-known reputation in the blockchain industry.
  2. It is much easier to get the ecology of Ethereum to become your own than to build a Star Warship by yourself.
  3. When the ecology of Ethereum is integrated into AE, the price of AE will quickly increase.

Vitalik Buterin will agree to the AE request for three reasons

  1. Vitalik Buterin wants to develop a new project. He doesn’t have much Ethereum chips.
  2. Ethereum’s ecological technology can smoothly transition to AE, making it have a higher operating speed. This makes it easy for Vitalik Buterin to spread to Ethereum developers without being resisted.
  3. He will receive AE tokens provided by the AE team as a thank you. If the value of AE tokens increases, he can shift the focus of his work to AE.

Meet the conditions of the above points.
The AE team’s interstellar warship project costs US$100,000 per phase, and the effect is not good, in order to bring the expected considerable developer community ecology.
It is recommended that the team spend US$200,000 for the second phase of the Star Warship project, buy back US$200,000 of AE, and give Vitalik Buterin as a thank you for serving as a consultant. Of course, you can sign an agreement to ask Vitalik Buterin to cheer for AE. Of course, in actual practice, you have to speak more euphemistically rather than so directly.

I believe this plan is far better than the effect brought by the Phase 2 interstellar warship project.


That’s a good idea, but I don’t think he will agree, of course, if we can send out an invitation.


@yani.chain Godfather should we send an invitation to Vitalik?
I think YES.Lol


Anything he touches turns to gold. Fantastic opportunity for mutual benefit from 2 great tech minds. ae needs help for market share and adoption and Vitalik needs a chain that isnt broken. Do it…please do it

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Geeezus. Vitalik is neck-deep in developing his own - ETH2.0

Why in the hell would he want to have ANYTHING to do with this? :slight_smile:

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The answer is in your question, why waste energy and time on a technological dead end like ETH when ETH 2.0 already exists and its called aeternity


That is your perspective; with us both being on this forum, it’s pretty likely we both think highly of AE.

But the proposal above was not about us or about our perspective on reality. It was about Vitalk - and HIS reality, opinions and time-investments/life-commitments.

So, to repeat myself: Why in the hell would HE want to have ANYTHING to do with this? :slight_smile:

I’ve had a transaction pending on ETH chain for 5 days now. Normal gas paid. Sure there are loads more like me. And this is the number one smart contract platform in the world. Sure sign his project needs help but with all the money he’s making from this defi scam I guess its all about the price of his token rather than having a protocol that actually works