[REJECTED] CH/AE Community Growth Hacking Campaign

II. Summary - a concise description of the campaign. Limit this to 2 paragraphs max, no longer than 300 words.

CH is a community feedback application with 1,800 weekly active users. We would be promoting this campaign within our community. AE lacks content on all the up and coming crowdsourced publishing websites that are gaining traction as alternatives to Steemit. Currently, there are 94 free websites that can be used to publish æternity news frequently catering to your target user base as shown here: https://alternativeto.net/software/steemit/

How would it work? We would create a group of Publishers/Authors that would receive AE created content (which is produced frequently by AE). Next, they would publish as an AE author. Each Author would be designated to specific sites. Every author would also be designated as a commenter under the article of these sites for which they don’t publish, boosting curiosity from readers. We then track using AE’s oracle and reward the actions in AE tokens.

III. Goals - clear objectives must be set, noting the target demographics and the call to action/conversions.

Goal 1) Recruit 10 or 20 Authors to maintain the system being lead by CH team.

Goal 2) Websites would be selected depending on their Alexa ranking which must be under 500K in ranking.

Goal 3) Increase % AE traffic visits and wallet usage.
Increase % - to be determined after analyzing more data

Goal 4) Implement feature of Growth Hacking use case on CH

IV. Roles - team members involved in the project as well as their backgrounds and expertise, as well as any reviewers from the Board or the AE team who need to check output before release, if any.

Ethan Clime & Jonny Dee

Ethan Clime is CEO of crowdholding.com who led the building of Crowdholding and community from the ground up. Jonny Dee is an experienced growth hacker for CH and the company Energi ranked in the top 50 of CMC.

V. Minimum Viable Products - list of final output

Increase % AE traffic visits and wallet usage by carefully seeing which sites increase most attention in traffic and growth from the growth hacking team. By staying flexible we can cater to what works and keep improving the growth hacking campaign.

VI. Timeline - how long will this campaign run, including preparations.


  • Author applications. CH will handpick community members to become an AE Author. We will recruit 10-20 of top applied candidates or selected community member from AE. Having members showing past active support to either AE or CH is a plus.

  • Sites will be selected and Authors will begin signing up as users on those sites and will be chosen for which sites they publish on. In addition, be selected to what sites they comment on.

  • A shared database displaying actions will be used by the AE growth hackers to track their work. More importantly, showcase daily links where content is published to have quick access to the site’s article and comment under the content thread.

  • Community rules pamphlet will be created on the roles of an AE Author which they will follow as their guidelines.

November - July

  • AE will send weekly content they publish on the growth hacking database

  • Publishing and commenting begins

  • Monthly group meeting to discuss results and improvements with the 10-20 authors (recorded conference call)

VII. Milestones - divide the timeline into achievable milestones. The budget may have to be released in increments as milestones are reached.

Keep in mind, some sites are about building a reputation. So each month that goes by should increase reader activity and click rates from more actions done by Authors. The milestones are the following:

(%) - to be determined after analyzing more data

Milestone 1) Increase æternity.com’s traffic by (%) each month
Milestone 2) Increase base.aepps wallet sign ups by (%) each month
Milestone 3) Increase Telegram community by (%) each month
Milestone 4) Increase forum.aeternity community by (%) each month

This means each article needs a bottom footer showcasing all four links in a 2-3 sentence paragraph.

VIII. Budget - a clear breakdown of costs as well as the total cost

The only creatives from the Authors are creating authentic short/long comments that go under the published articles.

  • Managing the growth hacking group $ to be determined equivalent in AE tokens each month for time spent, half of the amount buy’s our YUP tokens to be rewarded for future Aepps or AE related tasks on CH.

  • Growth hackers receive $0.50 USD (in AE) for each article published and $0.50 (in AE) for each comment.
    Let’s assume AE publishes 4 content producing articles a week and each Author has 5 publishing sites and 10 commenting sites. Time spent would be most likely 1 hour or 30 minutes of their time, thus 4 to 2 hours in the week. This means $30 USD per Author a week in AE tokens. If we have 10 Authors that equates to $300 a week (in AE). Thus, $1,200 a month in AE tokens to the Authors.

Estimated budget: $ to be determined a month in (AE tokens) or fiat used to purchase AE for this campaign.

IX. Assessment/Metrics of Success - state the desired end result and how they will be monitored and measured

  • The question is how can the AE Oracle work here as a way to track and distribute the tokens? This could be an interesting use case.

  • One option is to use affiliate links to track this, thus we need an affiliate link for each of the four milestones.

  • Or allow access to Analytics to observe how each site does to make appropriate actions of improvements.

By having an increase % for each milestone. Our goal from this campaign alone is to have a high increase in traffic for AE by July 2020, equating to (%) monthly increase.

Notable Feedback from CH’s community (https://www.crowdholding.com/project/68/task/1160/ternitys-community-building-campaign-call-for-proposals-how-can-ch-help):

Al Wallace:

  • Utilize big commercial sites too, such as Quora where we reply to relative questions such as, “What cryptocurrency could become more scalable than Ethereum?” An Author comments regarding a description about AE, and gets voted up by the community to the top.

  • Support also AE Aepps for this growth hacking strategy as well

  • Telegram bots such as doge click where, for a small amount of money - often as little as $2 you can get hundreds of clicks a day onto a website, true that not all of them would sign up but it would bring a lot of traffic.

  • Provide each CH crowd member with a referral number unique to them and let them all go out and do their thing!

  • We have many bright, enthusiastic and well-connected members. Track each referral and offer a YUP and AE reward for the best monthly active referrals.

Thew Jomaco:

How could CH platform be more utilized? I seem to remember a telegram convo that mentioned a way to embed CH comments into web content. When that was mentioned, I envisioned something similar to how you can embed a tweet into a blog, someone’s CH feedback could be embedded in each article.

Concerns: This proposal seems like a movement away from Crowdholding’s core business model, and more like another venture altogether. I am concerned that if CrowdHolders’ attentions become too dispersed, it will weaken the engagement in the core community.
Solve the concern: Currently, CH has 4 types of posting tasks, feedback, FB share bounty, Twitter Share Bounty, and News… Add a 5th option task for projects called Growth Hacking task” and implement after identifying a successful use case of this system.

De Gem

  • Think this is a very good idea to build up a community. Consistent posting on as many as 94 websites can go a long way in getting information to thousands of people. You will be surprised by how I discovered Crowdholding. I searched the question “What are the best sites for earning cryptocurrencies?” Of all the different articles I decided to read (and they were about 5) I saw CH in almost all of them. The growth hacking campaign using authors and publishers is, therefore, a good one in my opinion.

Fred Blauer

The ethereum network is full, and can’t scale fast enough. You need to get out the message why aeternity is better, what problem does it solve, how you can use it now.

Questions to AE admins:

Would it be possible to share analytical data for the 4 milestones?

With these stats, we can properly compare data from the publishing sites and identify the (%) goal. This would involve the following:

How much monthly traffic are you receiving from the listed sites from our milestone?
How many wallet signups do you have, and what increase do you have each month?


Hello @eclime! Thank you for submitting this CBC!

I have some questions and will get back to you. It must be clear what the cost will be. So I suggest to come up with a total monthly cost estimation.

We can possibly do referral links - need to check this.

Hello Vlad,

Sure thing regarding the cost estimate:

10 Author growth hackers we estimated $1,200 a month at the (.50 cent posting/commenting rate)
Managing the campaign and setting it up no more than $1,000 a month. Potentially we could be looking at a $2,200 monthly budget. First few months take the most time managing it, after this though, the process will be more automated, so we can in fact decrease costs on the management side.

Hello again - so these 1000 USD will be for CH, right?

Correct, but this can be adjusted because once the process is setup with 10 recruits it becomes easier on the management side… unless we agree to scale the growth-hacking operation month by month.

Your promotion seems to have no user attention.

Hello Dove, the post is not a promotion, this is an idea proposal on a growth hacking strategy for AE’s community building program.

This is a “Draft” campaign, it has not been approved yet. How did you judge on its success?

crowdholding.com famous? I invested in a lot of blockchain projects or I first heard about this website.

Have you read the details of the campaign? The promotion will be done in external website based on their Alexa ranking.

Glad you discovered our project now Dove, fill free to signup and check it out. We are a feedback application and we are partners with AE Ventures doing a pilot campaign to support cryptotask.org, and if it goes well, future Aepps. This proposal has gathered feedback from the CH community to help AE’s community growth as we are currently building to integrate with AE’s blockchain.

As Vlad said, this is just a ‘draft’ for a growth hacking strategy idea.

Ok, I understand, I wish you success!

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Hey @eclime would you be willing to present your campaign in front of the Evaluation Board next Monday 09.09.2019)?

Hello @ae-vlad, yes that works. Let me know what time. You can also send me an invite to [email protected]. Cheers :+1:

11:00 CEST time. You will receive an invite.

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Just checking in. I did receive a notification for the campaign review agenda at 10am CEST, but not for the conference call and link for 11am tomorrow. Let me know, and look forward to presenting. Cheers.

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Hey, @theScientress will send you an invitation soon. It will include a link to the room. Please note that it should be a summary of the campaign. Also, please mention the KPIs that will be used to measure the success of the campaign.

I am looking forward to your presentation.


Cheers! Look forward to it.

Hey @eclime any updates?

Hey @ae-vlad, the trial version is one of my last things to tackle on my to-do list today. Will have it up tonight or early morning for ya. Cheers for checking in.

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