[REJECTED] CH/AE Community Growth Hacking Campaign

Trial Version:

Keep in mind, the proposal is still accurate according the campaign strategy we want to do, but we will be shrinking the man power and amounts of growth hacking posts by 70%, including a reduction in budget. So here is how the changes will look:

  • Number of sites for posting will change from 50 to 15. From the list we showcased we will pick the top 15 sites according to the strongest Alexa Ranking.
  • We will recruit 3 authors for the trial month (5 sites each where they post the content, and 10 sites where they make comments)
  • By reducing the budget by 70% this means a total cost would be $660 from the $2,200. However, set up time on our end to get everything started will take similar work. So we request $600 for CH time to manage the campaign so we are paid according to our efforts.

Authors receive 50 cents per post/comment. If AE gives 4 content posts weekly, this adds up to $360 for the month for the 3 Authors. $360 + $600 = $960 budget for each month.

We recommend having the trial period for two months in order to give us setup time (roughly 2 weeks) and posting to occur for 6 weeks. After this, we would review the results and see if the strategy has potential on what we anticipate. If it looks to be working well, we can plan to scale this type of operation and maintain. Look forward to hearing your thoughts. Cheers.

For @eclime
After thorough deliberation, the Evaluation Board has decided not to push through with this proposal. Thank you for taking the time to formulate plans to support the growth of the æternity ecosystem, and hopefully, you would continue to do so in the future. Please feel free to keep posting other proposals—the æternity community is always open. :slight_smile:

No worries, just trying to help. Fill free to use this growth hacking technique internally. If I have more ideas, will make sure to share with you. Cheers.


Thank you, Ethan. Glad to hear that. Cheers.