[REJECTED] Chinese Translations and Promotion by LiuShao (AEChina)

I. Title
Chinese Translations of aeternity News by LiuShao

II. Summary
I offer to do translations and share news coming from the aeternity team in accordance to the reading habits of the Chinese community. Translated texts could be used by anyone - aeternity or any other third-party.

III. Goals
Keep the Chinese community informed about all important aeternity-related developments.

IV. Roles

  • Project-owner: LiuShao
  • Translators: 3 members
  • Chinese-German: 1
  • Developer: 1
  • Proofreader: 1
  • Editor: 1


  • Translation and promotion of latest aeternity news
  • Translation of important news
  • Translation of weekly updates
  • Promotion of blog posts in Chinese aeternity communication channels, WeChat, Sina, QQ, Weibo, etc.

VI. Timeline
25 weeks, starting asap

VII. Budget
In China, professional English-Chinese translation costs 300RMB/1000 words.

I am glad to write material for AE technological promotion for free. And the news translated by me are free.

Weekly report: 25w:USD 4325w = USD 1075
No less than 5 articles per week: 43
5*25 = 5375 USD
More than 5 articles per week = Free
Publishing in AEChina= Free
Promotion in WeChat, Sina, Weibo, etc = Free

Total cost: 1075+5375= 6450 USD

The above sum should run out in 25 weeks. If it does not, translations will continue until the moneyhas been spent. All of the money will be spent on translations and promotion.

VIII. Assessment/Metrics of Success and KPIs

  • Translation and sharing of at least 5 aeternity-related news pieces per week
  • At least 300 reads per translated article.
  • A report every two weeks on which articles were translated and where they were shared.
  • A poll will be done in the Chinese community after 4 weeks to see if they are satisfied with the results.

What does this mean? Why is this needed? We don’t have news in German.

This is not clear - are you writing this yourself? Who is writing this?

There must be a report on what has been done in the last two weeks. The report should also include info about how many times the translated articles were seen.

We cannot pay the full sum in full. This must be a monthly payment. It can be done in AE tokens, right?

There is a member of translation team know English, Chinese,Germany, his payment was based on his translation work. If ae team do not need Germany-Chinese translation, I will delete this part.

I have been writing articles of this kind, I will do more for ae promotion.

Of course it can be payed with ae token, also it can be monthly payment. The money we want ae team to pay was decided by price of ae tokens at now and future. The price of ae token may rise in the future, if the total money do not change the ae tokens we get will be less. I hope the amount of ae tokens payed by ae team in the later months are same with first month.

Hi , vald , what LiuShao said is ridiculous . I don’t think ae team should pay so much money for just article translation . Chinese people who really cares about aeternity will read offical english article directly or use translation software to read . Winter is coming , pelase spend your money to do something more worthwhile .

You are right. So I think the ambassador should not exist, and people from all over the world should come here to read the article. By the way, do you know aeternity for the first time, is it from the AE website?

How to do it, you can do the same. Welcome to the promotion of the Chinese community.:grinning:

LiuShao is currently one of the few promoters of the AE China community, and the necessary funding is needed. Without their spontaneous propaganda, AE’s influence in China may be even worse.

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For LiuShao:
After thorough deliberation, the Evaluation Board has decided not to push through with this proposal. Thank you for taking the time to formulate plans to support the growth of the æternity ecosystem, and hopefully, you would continue to do so in the future. Please feel free to keep posting other proposals—the æternity community is always open. :slight_smile:


Thank you, it doesn’t matter. Recently, I have been developing aepp and have no time to translate documents. This money is used to hire others for translation.

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