[REJECTED] Development Analysis Report For Aeternity by CoinCodeCap

I. Title - Development analysis report for Aeternity

II. Summary - My name is Gaurav and we run CoinCodeCap. At CoinCodeCap, We track Crypto based on their Github activity. We also create a detailed development analysis. Here is an example - ARK development analysis report. We propose a similar report for the Aeternity project.

III. Goals - This report will help the crypto community to understand the development efforts of the Aeternity Team. The report can also highlight any potential development-related problems if found.

IV. Roles - CoinCodeCap Team

V. Minimum Viable Products -

  • A detailed report
  • Report summary in the form of PPT

VI. Timeline - 15 days

VII. Milestones - Not applicable

VIII. Budget - $2000

IX. Assessment/KPIs - A detailed GitHub Audit of Aeternity Project.

We will publish this report on the CoinCodeCap blog.

Our Reach -

We push reports through our CoinCodeCap website, newsletter, and APIs.
And we also push this report through the Coinmonks newsletter.

Coinmonks newsletter subscriber > 9600
CoinCodeCap newsletter subscriber > 1700
CoinCodeCap Website Visits > 15k (Including our blog)
As I mentioned, we send these reports through APIs, we have integration with projects like CoinCaps.ai, baserank, and Coinigy is on the way. APIs always have these reports link, so anytime a new website integrates with us, they will showcase these reports.

Other than that Coinmonks is read by more than half a million people every month and we have pretty good reputation in the space because of our work. You can check that by looking at peoples who follow us on Twitter.


CoinCodeCap Viewership data - Please check similarweb for this. It is the best way to check the viewership of any website. we have integrated our google analytics with it.

Coinmonks viewership data -


Hi, Gaurav. Would you be ready to present this for evaluation tomorrow, Thurs Nov 14 at 12nn CET? @coinmonks

How does it work? Do we have a call or something?

Hey @coinmonks,

It would be great if you provide some data on your readership base and social media following - i.e. how many people will that report reach, how many people follow you on Medium and on social media channels, where will you share that report, etc.


Yes, the evaluation board gathers on Thursdays and you can join a call and present your campaign. After a vote, they will notify you about whether your campaign is approved or not.

Done…thanks @ae-albena

Just to confirm this is 12PM CET?

If Yes, I am OK with the timing.

Is there a link or something to join the call? or group to coordinate these calls, which I can join?

Thank you Gaurav :wink: @theScientress will give you more details about the call.

Good luck!

Sent you a message. Talk to you tomorrow.

Hi, Gaurav. Unfortunately, the evaluation board has decided not to push through with your proposal. Thank you for your presentation. And please feel free to explore other proposals for the æternity community. @coinmonks

Thanks for the update.

Thanks for your hard work Gaurav, coin code cap is very informative

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