[REJECTED] Sponsoring Provenance Summit - 14th - 15th October in Tokyo, Japan

Gathering 500+ global industry leaders to discuss the development cycle of building a product with blockchain technology - attendees will range from roles within startups, enterprises, investment firms, financial institutions and governmental related policy makers. Japan will be hosting its first blockchain week brought together by the community. Provenance Summit will host its conference as part of this week. (www.blockchainweek.jp). The theme of 2019’s conference will be on ”cryptocurrency payments and real-life adoption”. The first day is dedicated to workshops. There will be two tracks; 1. Developers; frontend and backend 2. Product; design and management. The second day is dedicated to presentations.

The customized proposal for Aeternity is $5,000. For this price we can receive:

  • a workshop (hands on interactive sessions, each session is 2.5 hours). There are total 6 workshops for the day. Topic can focus either on “Building a payment api” or “Develop smart contracts”
  • a presentation (a speaking slot - keynote session (20min) or a panel opportunity + brand exposure and social media coverage. Suggested topics: 1)Building scalable smart contracts, 2)How is Aerternity governed by stakeholders or 3) Challenges of building a global distributed system
  • 3 free tickets and invitation to the speakers VIP dinner
  • logos and banner exposure

*NOTE: Usually the price for a presentation is 5K and it is the same price for a workshop. However Aeternity can get a package for $5,000 containing both speaking opportunities and speak on both days of the conference.


  • Showcase content at industry relevant event

  • Position the brand at Tokyo Blockchain week

  • Acquire potential clients in Japan and partnerships with local development communities

  • Eventually organize our own side event and get it promoted via the organisers of the Summit. They can list our event on the page and help with cross marketing promotion. Please note that if we are planning an event in Tokyo, I would suggest doing it as early as possible. It is a busy period. Japan is expensive and many venues are already taken due to the Rugby World Cup and DevCon5.


  1. Nikolina - Coordinating the participation (contract, conditions) and providing the necessary content on time to the organizers, promoting the event with the Aeternity community managers and handling invoice and payment of the sponsorship, followup with the organizers. Working with them for the organization and planning of our own event.
  2. Emin and Yani - proposing the right speaker and content
  3. Community managers promoting the event - Vlad, Albena
  4. Milan - coordinating goodie bags inserts and supporting with onsite organization of a stand-alone event.


1.Sponsoring the event - 7,500 USD (5000 USD for sponsoring + travel / accommodation for the speaker - ca 2500 USD per person)
2.Side standalone half-day event - 10,000 USD (depending on requirements -Tokyo or Osaka / ppl invited / persons travelling / collateral cost)

Timeline: starting the moment we confirm our sponsorship till October 25th

Metrics of success:

  1. Number of attendees at the conference and in the meeting hall of the talk
  2. Number of messages sent within the community
  3. Social media mentions
  4. Sponsorship page engagement

Evaluation Board result:


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