[RideSafe Africa] Getting Our Aepp Up and about!


We are exited to let you guys know that our Aepp is now ready for testing we had hoped to have this news out last month but we still are in good time from our tech roadmap. We should be enabling downloads by end week and our first users the existing riders on our platform cant wait have a piece of it. we will be sharing more info and showing a demo on this forum soonest :crossed_fingers:


Sorry, I don’t know what your project is yet. Could you send me your official website? What’s more, when will your project be launched?


Hey Xiupei,

This is RideSafe Africa,

The website is temporary down :slight_smile:

But you can track their progress here :

It’s launching End of Q2 latest :slight_smile:


Hello Xupei, thanx for asking we are an emergency responce mobile solution based in Kenya innovating around the emergency responce space mainly geared to reducing intervention time and guaranteed quality First aid our site is down for now but you can check our social media platforms for a more recent update on our progress.
Oh and just like @Luka mentioned we should me launching in this Q2 though we are already running the project on a USSD platform.