Running Node on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.3

Successfully finished the node installation using a custom script but

Running /Users/macbookair/aeternity/node/bin/aeternity start
Output is
WARNING: ulimit -n is 10240; 24576 is the recommended minimum.
You are recommended to ensure the node is stopped and raise the maximum number of open files (try ‘ulimit -n 24576’) before starting the node.

after running the recommended command
ulimit -n 24576

i get this output
bash: ulimit: open files: cannot modify limit: Invalid argument

@Stephensunday.chain, @emin.chain

@emin.chain @erik.chain @philipp.chain @albena.chain Please who can help us with any useful information regarding running the node. It was successfully installed but not running the node.
Thank you

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@martingrigorov.chain @DinchoTodorov.chain

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Yeah, the method how to cope with the max files limit changes frequently on the various OS. I’ve tried to describe some methods in the wiki. Please check that out and let us know whether it worked.

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Okay thanks I’m checking that out.

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It is good that you are taking the warning seriously - but the recommended limit is really high and you should be fine (unless you run into some unexpected situation) with your slightly lower limit. I’ve been running the node with 1024 max open files on my Mac and rarely had any issues… But the best way is of course to up the limit.

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Sensible remark by @hanssv.chain

Where you able to get rid of the warning?

yes. it worked with alot of stress tho, i guess you need to add it to the file for simplicity

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Nice that you got it working. Adding such operations is very hard to maintain since operating systems switch methods quite a bit. Therefore, there is only a warning, but maybe we should also point to the wiki page as part of the warning.