Satoshi, Synergy & Self-Sustaining Systems: An Interview with Michal Zajda


Hello, dear AE community :slight_smile:

We are happy to present to you another dev star in æternity, although you already know him well - Michal Zajda @michalzee :slight_smile:

He read the Satoshi paper in early 2011 and was impressed by the self-sustaining nature of blockchain and its trustlessness.

The biggest challenge he’s facing as Erlang architect is to find a good balance between all the parts a blockchain system is built from.

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Good, informative interview! I agree that crypto has a lot of potentials to change the world. It can change industries. It can change governments. It will be harder to experience the latter in our area of the world, as a political order in Europe has become cemented over centuries.


Hey @Ayyslana1,

I agree with you, although there is willingness in Europe for the blockchain technology to be funded, researched and adopted on large scale.
Much more than in other parts of the world where governments are quite sceptical.



I agree with you, and I hope that blockchain will enter governments and its transparancy will helpin reducing bureaucracy